Humanity has got serious issues. We have probably only existed for 200,000 years with modern civilization being about 10,000 years old. This is nothing compared to some species that exist for millions of years. However, scientists are seriously talking about the possibility of human extinction before the end of this century… check the books page for further reading.

It is not just us… we are wiping out thousands of other species. It has got so bad it is now described as the 6th mass extinction event. The last one was 65 million years ago when all the dinosaurs were wiped out.

It is as if humanity is in a dream and the reality we subscribe to is just a mass shared hallucination. We have created an artificial world of cities, sugar water, apartments, TV, porn, war and celebrity and while we are ensconced in our fantasy world our planet is dying. How do we wake ourselves up and realize that we are valuing the wrong things, seeking fulfillment in the wrong places and sailing towards extinction!?!

All of these videos provide a reality check… enjoy!

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