Get Involved

Are you a:

Writer: have an idea for a piece ? send it in!

Activist: want to get involved in direct action or have an idea for a mini-campaign? Lets do it!

Designer: work with us to design EcoHustler posters, stickers, flyers and a new logo.

Photographer: send in your good photos.

Financier: want to invest in EcoHustler to make it more effective? lots of options available.

Other / all of the above: if you care about the environment and want to stop the bullshit… you can help… get in touch!

One response to “Get Involved

  1. Good Afternoon,

    I would like to express my interest in Ecohustler the topics covered in your site. I would love to illustrate /design for you. I have trained as a designer with 4 years post graduate professional experience. Although I loved this time I am now going to focus my attention on my passion; illustration. I am happiest when illustrating, drawing and sketching. I work in a variety of styles using both freehand and vector based illustrations. Most of my work is detailed portrait illustration. I still love to use traditional medium such as paint, pen & ink and occassionally batik.

    For examples of my work please view my portfolio ‘Pixel and Pencil Pie’ . Here’s an example of a earth themed illustration I created

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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