Go Eco

Wanna EcoHustle?

  1. 10 dos
  2. 10 don’ts

We all have the power to make a difference! Here are some ways that you can join forces with other eco-peeps and start changing shit!


  1. Become a vigilante consumer. Everything we buy has an impact and every purchase is a vote; for a brand, a product and a way of life. Choose low impact products which are healthy and improve your quality of life rather than mass produced, disposable tat that harms people, the planet and your soul.
  2. Plant trees; if you have a garden reduce the lawn size and increase the number of trees. If you don’t can you plant a tree somewhere else by gorilla gardening, in someone else’s garden or in a community space? Community tree planting packs available for free here from the Woodland Trust.
  3. Ensure your work-life doesn’t harm life-life. Does the company you work for sell or market harmful products? Are you working for a wasteful or polluting company? If yes…make the switch to an organization that is in line with your ethical aspirations.
  4. Make a point of understanding energy and then make informed decisions. Kettles, lawn mowers, hair driers, cars and hoovers use a lot. All electricity that comes out your plug is linked to power stations burning coal. The more you use… the more is burnt.
  5. Recycle rain water off the side of your home… then use it to:
  6. Grow vegetables: tomatoes, lettuce and herbs are really easy. Don’t want to buy composts in a plastic bag? No worries:
  7. Set up a compost heap or womery and start collecting organic waste. Linear systems are artificial, wasteful and wrong. Start processing your own waste and you can send almost nothing to landfill. Feels great… and you have awesome pot plants and veg!
  8. Engage your friends and family. Do you know someone with a 4 X 4 who goes on about climate change being a lie and how we urgently need a bigger nuclear deterrent? Go speak to them… you may not want to but it makes more sense then preaching to the converted.
  9. Cycle.
  10. Stay positive… there are scary trends everywhere you look but if life was easy it wouldn’t be interesting. Positive people around the globe are linking up to change the system from the grass roots up…whoop!


  1. Buy non essential items
  2. Fly short distance
  3. Drive in cities
  4. Watch adverts
  5. Have more than 2 kids
  6. Eat lots of meat
  7. Eat lots of fish
  8. Assume it will all work out alright in the end. Humans are flirting with extinction and we are running out of time to turn the situation around.
  9. Believe the lies: money doesn’t make the world go round; you won’t be happier if you buy that product; economic growth isn’t a fraction as important as conserving biodiversity; the financial crisis isn’t a real crisis; it’s a symptom of a failing system that needs changing
  10. Lose the faith: there is a growing network of concerned beings around the planet who want to join with you to make it better. We can be the change we wish to see in the world.

Anything missing? Please post below…

Rise Up by azrainman

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