Worldwide exit from nuclear energy: vote here

The Japanese have a new word in their lexicon. Flyjins are those foreigners who have fled Japan. The people left behind are anxiously watching which way the wind is going to blow the giant nuclear plume.

Click to animate. Source:

For the rest of us there isn’t a lot we can do… Apart from signing this uncompromising petition demanding the worldwide exit from nuclear energy.

For a summary of the reasons why not to invest more money in nuclear check out: nuclear risks and renewable alternatives. For more reasons why cooling towers suck check out: this is not a chimney.

4 responses to “Worldwide exit from nuclear energy: vote here

  1. This is total nonsense! Flyjin is a word coined by some foreigners in Japan. It’s not a Japanese word, would make no sense to the majority of them and certainly isn’t (and won’t be) in any Japanese lexicon.

    Secondly, there is no ‘giant nuclear plume’ and nobody’s watching out for it. This is just more fear-mongering masquerading as pseudo-science.

  2. Haha. Funny comment. No plume? So what do you think they a tracking on the map? Fairy dust sprinkled by the government to stop you thinking?

    Go back to sleep everyone. Don’t worry, nuclear is safe and so is deep water drilling. How do we know? Because the people making a killing from it tell us. Nice comment fodder. Good independent use of your mind.

  3. EcoHustler (wow, aren’t you clever at changing people’s names!)

    “Please keep in mind that, due to the decreasing level of radioactivity in the crisis region, the actual area of influence is likely much smaller than the one displayed here.”

    Or perhaps you think the Austrian weather service is also involved in a massive conspiracy to delude the Japanese people?

    That would explain why people “left behind” in Japan aren’t “anxiously watching” anything. But, hey, we don’t want to spoil a nice story, do we!

  4. Maybe I should have explained that the above quotation (about decreasing levels of radiation) is from the map website you referred to.

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