Lurpak Go Home

Annoying advert

These days I cannot cycle across London without giant advertizing  boards getting up in my grill, hawking Lurpak butter. The posters shamelessly try to link a mass butter product with the complex and rich well-being benefits of cooking. Be happy, buy Lurpak and cook.

The one problem with this cheery narrative is that Lurpak butter  is shipped across a sea to get here releasing unnecessary and dangerous green house gasses into our unbalanced atmosphere. Why are we creating this risk when we have great local butter, produced skillfully within these lands? The only butter I will buy is local butter. So Lurpak get your big, dangerous, stupid adverts out of my face and stick to selling your Danish butter to the Danes.

Another annoying advert

This is just getting boring

2 responses to “Lurpak Go Home

  1. Annie Leymarie

    Imagine being a cow. Your sexual life starts as a teenager – and you’re raped by a bull, if you’re lucky, or by artificial insimination every year for the rest of your short life. Whilst you get pregnant you are pumped up with supplements and antibiotics. Your child is taken away from you after just a few days and your screems leave your jailers cold. They reinseminate you whilst milking you twice a day so that you spend your whole life being pregnant and lactating whilst unable to be with your progeny. You are made to have gigantic breasts so that mere walking is often difficult. In winter you are stuck in a small jail and if you’re unlucky this might be in summer too – and you might then never see a single blade of grass throughout your whole life…

  2. Thanks Annie,

    Industrial ‘farming’ definately sucks…

    And if you are drinking milk be aware that the EU allows milk to contain up to 10% puss (because mastitis is so prevalent in intensively reared cows)

    If you drink industrially produced milk you are drinking puss from a tormented cows raw teet.

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